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‘Be the reason a horse believes in good people’

Every person has the chance (and choice) to teach a horse kindness… or in some cases unkindness. Every interaction is an opportunity. When it comes to clipping, it is up to us to give the horse a reason to trust us… and not a reason to distrust us. This is how The...

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❄️ ✨ Cool calm & collected ✨❄️🐴💈

❄️ ✨ Cool calm & collected ✨❄️🐴💈The Universe has delivered… and here is the gorgeous 🌌 Galaxy 🌌 … ZR2 … how beautiful is this clipper??!! 😍👌🏽 Being A superrrr astrology lover, this is my favourite cordless tool in my 🇺🇸Andis🇺🇸 collection to date 🔥 ‘The Pulse ZR II...

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✨ Emotional Intelligence ✨

Big Facts! I often see people pressured into doing things with their horses that are totally out of sync with what their horse needs, due to pressure put on them by others. Often, these ‘others’ are not accounting for the fact that different horses have different...

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It’s Armed Forces Day 2021!! 🇬🇧⚔️

It’s Armed Forces Day!! 🙌🏼 💖 🇬🇧 ⚔️ Followers of my work will no doubt have noticed my passion for our Armed Forces, in particular the British Army 🇬🇧 #As a career it wasn’t supposed to be in this lifetime for me but I always had a desire to join the army! It’s the...

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Can he see through that bag on his head??  👀

Can he see through that bag on his head?? 👀

For anyone who is wondering what the vision is like through these Shires fly masks (this one here is a vivid Zebra pattern) take a peek at the video and look through Romeos eyes for a moment 👀 🔍 You can see super clearly through the mesh, it’s amazing really because...

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