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Chatting A Bit with The Horse Barber – Interview by Haynet

Chatting A Bit 23 September,2019 Chatting A Bit with The Horse Barber With autumn leaves falling, most horse owners will soon be dusting off their clippers and preparing to give their woolly equines a much needed haircut. For Melody Hames, she has combined her passion...

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Mask Motivation

😷 It may look ugly BUT 👀... For the past 3 years I have been in the habit of wearing a mask to protect my lungs whilst clipping horses (thanks to a generous client that gave me my first mask ) I can honestly say it’s been a God send being in the habit of wearing...

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A silent exchange 💫

Never underestimate the power of a silent exchange between horse and human , it’s these moments that the most can be communicated ... boundaries are set and respected, all without even saying a word ❤️

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Armour De L’Amore – 4 years old today!

💫Only look back to see how far you have come 💫 4 years ago today we released this Armour De L’Amore ( The Armour Of Love) clip (circa 2015) 🤩😍 How time flies ... and the brand has evolved massively during that time ❤️ #thehorsebarber was coined as part of the...

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🎖🐴 The Great War Horse 🐴🎖Tribute Clip

🎖For your tomorrow, we gave our today 🐴 “Ignorance is dangerous. As time goes on and memories fade, it is our moral duty, more than ever, to remember. We cannot change history but we can make sure that future generations do not witness this intolerable horror again.”...

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Newest Horse Clip COMING SOON in 2021

The next major creative horse clipping project by The Horse Barber has commenced! It will be released in early 2021! (Excited, much!) This time, you will have the opportunity to see behind the scenes footage and online training videos, to see and learn exactly how it is done from start to finish... simply sign up with your email and you will be notified when this is released (2021)


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