❄️ ✨ Cool calm & collected ✨❄️🐴💈
The Universe has delivered… and here is the gorgeous 🌌 Galaxy 🌌 … ZR2 … how beautiful is this clipper??!! 😍👌🏽

Being A superrrr astrology lover, this is my favourite cordless tool in my 🇺🇸Andis🇺🇸 collection to date 🔥 ‘The Pulse ZR II Galaxy’

My tools are treated like the Kings and Queens that they are & keeping them cool is super important for a number of reasons; first and foremost the horse’s comfort as well as clipper preservation and good blade care practice.

🎓 Top tip: Regularly test the temperature of the blade against the back of your opposite hand OR forearm , if it’s too warm to touch , then it is TOO HOT to use on your horse 🐴 you may be very surprised at how hot the blade becomes. Many horses that I have met over the years have been exposed to clipper burn and this is enough to put a horse off clipping for life! And most importantly, it’s totally avoidable…. my first preference to cool a blade down would be to detach the blade to let it cool down quicker OFF the clipper and swap with a spare whilst the blade cools down (winter concrete floors in the UK are Exceptional cooling aids 😅 🧊 ) however the cooling spray is also an excellent choice and cools blades rapidly when a cold environment is not available 😇
Happy Clipping!

Love The Horse Barber 🐴💈

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