For anyone who is wondering what the vision is like through these Shires fly masks (this one here is a vivid Zebra pattern) take a peek at the video and look through Romeos eyes for a moment 👀 🔍

You can see super clearly through the mesh, it’s amazing really because from a distance the zebra 🦓 print looks so strong it makes you question the vision clarity… but because the horses are looking through the mask so closely, the pattern has no impact on their vision 😍

I often hear non-equestrians baffled as to why they see horses wearing these masks, often whilst out walking their dog or going for a jog in the countryside, they spot our steeds with ‘bags on their head’ …. ‘surely they can’t see with that on?!’ Yes our precious babies can see and everything we do is to keep them happy safe and comfortable, we put these masks on for fly protection 🪰 and also in some cases to block pink faces and noses to protect from sunburn. The added bonus for us is the nose mask helps to settle equine head shaking 😍 so it is a win all around 💖🤗✨🐴

Different brands use different materials and have various levels of vision due to their structure but any I have used always have this level of vision and have worked really well 🤗

This mask by @shires_equestrian
What is the funniest thing a concerned member of the public has said to you?

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The Horse Barber - Melody Hames