What areas does The Horse Barber cover?

The Horse Barber is based in Lancashire, NW England. For clipping services, she covers Bury, Bolton & most of Manchester. These include (but are not limited to), Hyde, Ashton-U-L, Oldham, Mottram, Bacup & Rochdale.

Do you come to me? Do we need electricity?

Yes I travel to you but you can also come to me if you prefer although most of the time it is better for me to come and work with your horse in the environment they are most comfortable and relaxed in. I can accommodate clipping where electricity is unavailable however it is better that we have access to electricity or a generator where possible.

Do you only do creative clips or do you do regular clipping?

I cater to both creative and traditional , traditional clips are just as important to me as the creatives and I cater to every request, enjoying them all and tailoring them all to your personal requirements.
Traditional clips are an art form of their own as it still takes concentration and skill to clip thoroughly to a high standard.

I am about to clip my horse for the first time, what’s your best advice?

It’s imperative to take your time and pick your moment when working with horses, damage can be done in a moment if done incorrectly. With clipping it can be burned skin, jabbed elbows, cut stifle and the loud sound of the motor, which can all break the confidence of a horse when it comes to clipping. If you require further help, get in touch and learn about the clipping tutorial services THB offers.

How do I confirm a booking?

Please note bookings are only confirmed once I have received your full farm address and your contact telephone number, in order for me to be able to get to you. (Even if I have visited your farm before please still pop an address over) Until I receive these, a booking is not confirmed and they must be provided upon booking your appointment to avoid disappointment. Also feel free to pop a text over if you have any questions. If there are specific instructions for me getting to you, for example the access is restricted or a 4×4 is required or if I need to go an opposite way to the sat nav route, please let me know in order to save time on the day.

So many people say it is wrong to clip in summer, how come you do it?

There are many different reasons why horses require clipping in summer and each horse has its own individual needs so when somebody says it’s wrong to clip in summer they are not taking into consideration that each horse has its own individual requirements. Sweet itch, competition horses and cushings are three prime candidates for all year round clipping. After clipping, these horses are much more comfortable and able to work and live comfortably. Clipping enables horses a higher level of performance. Some horses in strenuous work require clipping for this reason. Different horses have different jobs to do so it is unfair and unrealistic to catogorise every horse as the same.

I don’t see the point in washing the fur if it’s just getting shaved off?

This is an extremely common statement when I go around the northwest. When the fur is clogged up with dirt and grease, the blades on the clipper are met with resistance. The resistance means I have to work a lot harder to remove the hair without disturbing the horse’s comfort. If you have a very sensitive skinned horse, perhaps a horse that has previously in its life had rain scald (which in turn can cause a psychological negative association to touch) or a horse that is warmblooded and extra sensitive, you are faced with the resistance of dirty and grease hindering your horse’s tolerance level. Clippers work faster and the job is completed significantly quicker, when cutting clean fur, as a pose to dirty fur. Even if you are unable to wash your horse due to cold temperatures, a good brush daily the week leading up to clipping day is certainly enough to lift out the deep rooted grease to the surface and will remove the dirt. Sand is a big no no as it immediately blunts the blades and causes damage to very expensive equipment.

Why do you do patterns?

In response to a frequently asked question – why do creative clips and not stick to traditional clips: In regards to the creative clips I am moving with the times and catering for both traditional and creative as the equestrian industry has changed so much in the past 10 years. We now have a huge base of horse lovers that are very creative and feel that they are able to break the mold and this is great! It is no longer deemed such a frowned upon act. Plus we have evolved with clipping equipment and now have more intricate tools to work with as a pose to the heavy duties that have dominated the equestrian clipping world for so long. No horse is ever restrained for clipping, whether it is traditional or creative, and if it makes people smile, why not?

Can I book the horse barber to attend my event?

Yes, I am available for educational sessions and workshops. Contact to discuss clinic booking prices per day.

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