Traditional Clipping

To secure a booking and avoid disappointment it is advised that you book at least 4 weeks in advance as we approach the autumn and winter seasons. Availability is limited.

A complete list of TheHorseBarber traditional clips, their designs and functions.

Traditional clipping is very much at the forefront of The Horse Barbers work. She takes pride in traditional clipping as much as the creative branch of services offered. Feel free to share this with anyone you may think may benefit from this breakdown of clips and their functions.

Bib : Removal of chest area and neck line up to and including half head if required.

This clip is ideal for horses who are in light work or those who are hot and sweating from standing in the stable under a full winter coat. This clip is minimal and turnout without a rug during daytime hours is usually ok. Minimal rugging applies.

Bib & Belly : Removal of chest excluding shoulders, removal of belly line – optional jawline, nose, ears or half head clipping.

This clip is useful for maintaining horses who are turned out regularly during winter. The clip enables mud to be removed easily from the underworks of the horse and is useful for preventing sores between the forelegs and girth area.

Irish AKA Chaser Clip : Both the same clip with a different name. Removal of neck (as much or as little as you prefer) up to point of wither, down the diagonal, to point of stifle and complete belly removal – this clip leaves a covering over the ribs, kidney and hind end.

This is ideal for horses who are prone to losing weight or an older horse who requires protection from the elements. This clip is an excellent choice for nervous horses and horses who need lightly introducing due to past negative experiences. Ideal for the stabled horse who is in light to medium work and turned out during the daylight hours.

Blanket Clip – As the name suggests, a clip removing the hair and leaving a blanket or exercise sheet shape from the wither to the dock, covering the full back. The blanket can be low to offer protection to horses who are prone to feeling the cold or brought higher for hot cobs and horses who have plenty of weight on them.

Trace Clip : Named after the trace on harness of a driving horse, this clip runs horizontal from shoulder to hind. This clip is very similar to the blanket design however the trace design also leaves on the top neck muscle along the crest. The trace can be higher or lower to suit each individual needs of every horse.

This clip is ideal for horses for medium to heavy work who require protection from the elements and are turned out regularly during the winter months.

This is ideal for horses in medium work who are in and out of the field during the winter as the shorter coat along the neck and under body is much easier to maintain and keep clean.

Hunter clip excluding legs – The hunter clip is traditionally a full body clip including

half or full head clip, with a traditional saddle shape left to offer protection under the saddle for horses out in strenuous work.

This is ideal for sensitive horses also and those who may be cold backed and extra sensitive to touch. A large number of modern hunter clips have a trendy oval vs the saddle patch, its sleek in design and offers protection along the gullet line and seat of the saddle

Full body (excluding legs) This clip removes all of the body hair with optional half head or full head off whilst leaving the legs on for protection from the elements. Also useful for booted horses to give protection from the boot along the lower leg/cannon bone

Full body clip – Everything off – suitable for horses in high work who are stabled during the winter with ample shelter from the elements. Rugging is essential.

Legs off can be applied to traditional clips and will be clipped where it is deemed safe to do so.

Mane & Tail Pulling As well as clipping, The Horse Barber is experienced in and offers, traditional and humane mane pulling methods to suit your horse. Mane and tails can completely transform the overall look of a horse. Straggly unkept manes and tails can make your horse appear lean in the neck and undermine muscle and top line. But often, under the long mane can lay a beautiful neck just waiting to be shown off! Different breeds require a different approach to keep in line with breed standards. Please note that mane pulling should never be rushed so please allow a couple of hours for your appointments. If you would like the mane or tail pulled to accompany your clip, please mention when booking your appointment to allow allocation of time.

Some bookings are subject to a small call out fee; please contact for a clipping price quote.

All bookings are confirmed once full farm address details are confirmed. Please allow 48 hours for a reply to your query due to vast amount of messages received. To make the process quicker and easier please provide your farm postcode, details of your horse, breed/height and the clip of your choice. Please contact my mobile number also with these details so that I am able to contact you quickly and easily on the day: 07427 735 835

Cash PayPal and bank transfer accepted, Cheques Not Accepted

Creative Clipping

Creative Clipping can range from a small hind feature right through to a full body creative project.

A small hind feature can be added to your regular traditional clip, anything is possible and I come up with freehand designs to suit your ideas.

For larger projects and full body clips I can create designs for whatever it is you have in mind for example wedding clips, promotional and PR projects as well as charity clips. Do you have something in mind but not sure if its possible? Contact the horse barber to discuss options and further your ideas!

Creative clipping prices start lower for a small hind feature and increase depending on requirements. Please book in advance to avoid disappointment, creative project.

Spaces are limited.

Summer 2020 Trimming & Show Preparation

Treat you horse to a home visit from The Horse Barber for a tidy, sharp look over the summer months! Whether you have a photoshoot booked, or a show to attend, or even need a pre-sale ‘valet’ I can accommodate your horses breed specification & requirements, with this show prep and trimming package deal!

All styles of mane and tail pulling catered to whether you need a hunter cut or a M&M tail taper – traditional or humane, The Horse Barber can do it.
Choose as many items from the list below in your package for just £34 per horse.
If there are 5 horses or more booked in on any one yard visit, I will offer a slightly discounted rate per horse.

Choose ALL or some of the following from the package deal:

Mane pulling

Mane Hog

Tail pull

Light feather removal

Bridle path

Jaw line trimming

Ears trimmed

Removal of any stubborn long winter strands under belly/neck

Alternatively, if you would like just mane and tail pulling specifically, this is offered at £20.

(Leg hogging of heavy feather for any health conditions, such as mallanders or mites is separately priced and is not included in the above package)

Remedial Cushings & Sweet Itch Clipping

Anyone who watched last years short Healing Horse Film will be aware of the reason Melody started clipping. For anyone who hasn’t seen it; when she was 9 she had her first pony, Misty. He was a Connemara cross, flea-bitten grey in colour. He was in his early 20s when she took him on. Despite this he was full of life and energy and little did they know that they would have an active next decade, filled with success and happy times to remember forever. (See image)

Effective management of his Cushings coat often shaved years off Mistys ‘look’ turning a slightly rough looking horse into a sharp handsome boy. Ridden and in hand veteran classes were theirs, with red after red as the years passed by. With no sign of aging over the years, he lived to the age of 38 and was in tiptop condition until the very last 8 weeks of his life, where it was a quick downhill decline. Age simply caught up and nature took its toll. Throughout the years Melody regularly clipped him all year round due to his ‘cushings disease’. Clipping all year around was a major contribution to the longevity of his lifespan and general excellent health.

Cushings, What is it? In brief, this is what I am speaking of when I mention Cushings;

Cushing’s Disease is a dysfunction of the pituitary gland. It is most common in older horses (18 – 23 years) but has been seen in horses as young as seven. This change in hormone has a few knock on effects, but the one that I am going to talk about is the change in the horse’s coat. Cushings often results in a longer, thickened coat, which doesn’t shed as the season changes.

This is where I come in. To make management of the Cushings horse easier, full body clipping is a well sought out option. Mainly to relieve the horse of discomfort from excessive sweating, as build up of sweat, dirt and grease can lead to bigger problems such as sores and scabs. These in turn can become filled with infection and create pockets of puss and lumps. Cushings clipping can be completed all year round to provide comfort to a horse. This is a prime example of why horses should be treated as individuals and ‘THERE IS NO ONE RULE BOOK FOR ALL.’ People clip for their own reasons and it’s important to remember this before applying constraints to a person’s decision as to whether they ‘should’ clip or not during the summer months, and indeed the more traditional winter ones.

Reasons for clipping, plus seasons, differ all around the world, so it would be wise to consider this aspect before judging a person for clipping their horse in a month where another person may opt not to. Motivations differ. And so do horses. There is a blog which can be read – which discusses times I have recommended not clipping, after discussing a motivation of an owner, who simply wasn’t aware that a clip may have been detrimental on that occasion (think lean horse who struggles to hold its weight and the older horse who struggles to keep on weight where exposure to lower temperatures will be a hindrance plus more.)

Cushing’s coats can be incredibly demanding and require knowledge of equipment and blades for the very best possible finish. When I began clipping the Cushings coat at a young age it would take me two days! And this is what many Cushings owners who don’t ordinarily clip, are faced with.

Along with Cushings, Melody also clips during the summer months for improved maintenance of the condition Sweet Itch. Sweet itch is as condition which is generally worse in summer, in which a horse reacts to the saliva of a fly bite. Clipping sweet itch sufferers helps to keep the sweat down. Sweat attracts the flies. Clipping off the fur enables us to keep the skin cool and clear, gets rid of dirt and grease build up and allows the surface to breathe. The less build up, the less itchy the horse is and so less irritation. Finally a clipped coat, particularly along the neck line and mane area is easier to apply daily topical treatments and preventative potions without a messy clogged build up on the coat. We can then apply fly rugs to assist the prevention of irritation by the flies and the horse will be less itchy with less irritated coat, trapped under the rug.

Mountain & Moorland Show Blending

Mountain & moorland blending is a service The Horse Barber offers. It is applicable to breeds such as the Welsh sections, Traditional Cobs, Fells, Dales and Highlands which require feather maintaining down the lower legs. For this style of clipping it is important to clip consistently and flawlessly to achieve the best over all look and to comply with competition regulations. To do this we need to clip in such a way so that it isn’t obvious. This can be achieved with blades to suit the coat type and colour in order to avoid visual gradient changes. For North West Championship blending we do this in mid September to allow at least a 2 week ‘bedding in’ of a clip. Please note this is very popular and if you do not book in advance this will not be available. Avoid leaving it until last minute to achieve the very best finish. Visit the buddinghorsebarber site to find out more about this process.

Confidence Building Sessions

Fear is the main emotion that undermines confidence. Are you worried about how your horse is going to handle clipping day? Look no further and learn about the ‘clip-in confidence’ services on offer. A nervous horse and an ill-mannered horse are two very different things and handling of these should be altered accordingly.

Recognising the difference is crucial in building trust with a nervous horse. Nervous horses usually have a reason behind their fear. A past experience or a heavy hand combined with noisy heavy-duty clippers is enough to send fear and bad memories to a horse, whenever they hear the sound.

Behavior associated with fear can often be confused with bad manners, and vise versa. Many a time, clients have talked about past experiences of rough handling from a previous clipper, who has been heavy handed on a horse when in fact all it needed was a quiet hand of reassurance and patience. It is at this point that the most damage can be done! And now we are left with an ‘unclippable’ horse. This is just one of the reasons the horse barber clip-in confidence building sessions can help! Utalise the summer months to prepare for the winter season ahead.

We have a proven high success rate in clipping nervous horses and can offer the very best confidence building sessions with the ultimate goal of clipping your horse in a calm controlled way. This might be with a small bib clip initially, moving on to a full clip over a series of visits however; often larger clips are achieved relatively quickly. Improvement in horses behavior and confidence is often visible after even just one-hour session. Experience proves that every single horse or pony can improve, often enough to clip in the future without sedation.

The Horse Barber has a vast selection of high quality equipment, which allows her to tailor the starting point to various levels in each individual confidence building sessions. She works to how the horse responds and can go as far as the horse is comfortable in letting her go. Handling techniques are calm and quiet with a very experienced hand. This allows her to work with horse of all different sizes, breeds and temperaments. Scrap the vet’s sedation fees and invest in building up their confidence instead. The HB works with owners as well as the horse and upon initial assessment, will advise on the best individual approach for you and your horse. You will be shown pointers to work on in between sessions, in preparation for next seasons clipping. A large number of the initial build up sessions the horse barber does, often result in achieving the desired clip on the day. If you have any questions or would like to know more about what we can offer, get in touch. Experienced, non-judgmental and friendly service. .

One-2-One Training Day Session

How does this work? 

When you book in your horse for his regular clip, take the opportunity to book in for a 1-1 session training day with The Horse Barber. During this session I talk you through what I am doing and encourage you to take part in clipping. I will explain the best approach for your individual horse, including the most suitable equipment and blades for your horses’ unique coat type. You will learn how to handle and use the latest top of the range products in equestrian clipping. I will teach you about equipment and blade care as well as the different types of blades, how they work and also how to assemble various styles of blades to prepare you for the future. I advise on the best techniques and approach, going forward for you and your horse. Each student will receive a detailed feedback form after our clipping session has been completed. Eliminate the opportunity of your horse experiencing a negative clipping experience with someone else, by learning how to clip for yourself alongside The Horse Barber. I am available via phone to offer support for all clients who may have questions both before and after our session.

Who might do this?

If you are a horse owner or rider who’s objective is to learn to traditional clip their own horse in a safer educated manner long term, this is for you. This is beneficial from beginners, through to the more serious individual who may wish to pursue a career in equestrian grooming, with a creative clipping twist! Further your horse knowledge as well as clipping skill set and take your standards to a higher level. Knowledge is power, and with it, the world is your oyster!


What is the cost of this?

£175 per half-day session. Includes the clip of your choice. (Non creative) plus travel expenses depending on location.

See the review section on the website for testimonials from people who have benefitted from this 1-1 service.

Demonstrations by The Horse Barber

Do you have an event or run a pony club and would like to offer something different for your group to learn from? Contact The Horse Barber for details on her educational equine clipping demonstrations that she can offer for your particular event – from the young ones to adults she can tailor her demonstration to suit the particular needs of your group, with education on equipment, safety, horses and clipping practices your group will walk away with a new refined perspective on the craft of horse clipping.

Areas of discussion include;

Health & safety aspects

Foundation handling of horses

Clipping techniques

Equipment correct practice

Breed factors

Remedial factors of clipping common for health issues

The design process and how to apply it to horse clipping

Please contact myself directly via email or telephone for more details.

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