It’s Armed Forces Day!! 🙌🏼 💖 🇬🇧 ⚔️

Followers of my work will no doubt have noticed my passion for our Armed Forces, in particular the British Army 🇬🇧 #
As a career it wasn’t supposed to be in this lifetime for me but I always had a desire to join the army! It’s the only ‘what if’ I have in life and sometimes I think about it, but at the same time I know I had another journey to follow , but at the root of it is always my strong pull towards all things military. Life had another path for me and I have enjoyed and enjoy that in unmeasured amounts 🐴 💈 😍

When I see the war memorial sites, and stand among the graves it reminds me that Holocaust times were fought against and overpowered, thanks to the brave souls who fought it out for us and the future of others. That it has passed and justice was brought to many of those responsible for such horrific acts. I hope those passed are able to rest in peace better for it 🕊 and we as humanity continue to learn from it for the greater good of our future.

There’s a deep reflection that I feel when I see a cenotaph, especially in November. Year in, year out. 🍂 When I was younger I was in army cadets with my oldest brother Andy and I loved it, it was great times and the first time I felt connected and had ‘purpose’. I look back and think wow, we really was out there firing rifles at 13 running about with live ammo in Folkestone 😂 Great experiences 🙏 but of course, the horses won over my time and attention and my focus was on them🐴 I have a great photo of camp somewhere but I can’t for the life of me find it! I do hope it turns up .
My work has, and will always reflect things close to my heart and this particular one is probably my favourite piece of work. It’s hard to choose a favourite and people often ask the question. But when all is said and done and If I HAD to chose and my life depended on it 😱 then this would be the piece that I choose, The Great War Horse on the wonderful ‘Obi’.

I had wanted to do a memorial tribute for AGES. And this happened perfectly, as it fell on the centenary weekend and the 11th was also on the Sunday that particular year in 2018.

The higher powers are always busy behind the scenes ✨

Super grateful to those close to me that serve in the military who I’m able to steal bits of learning from and fulfil my Army fix through 😅😊⚔️ thank you to those that Continue to honour and protect our freedom

Thanks to Stuart for stepping in and completing the vision.
And the wonderful Obi and his owner Michele who I am eternally grateful to 💖

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The Horse Barber - Melody Hames