Remembrance Sunday, a tribute; ‘The Great War Horse’. Cenotaphs were much quieter this year, but thankfully we can enjoy online Remembrance together ❤
🐴 🎖 We Will Remember 🎖🐴
❤️ 🕯🕊 For everyone that has lost someone that they love, it is a time many of us collectively ‘remember and reflect’ and we all feel it in our own way but it’s nice to know we are in company which is why I think Remembrance hits deep with many people 🕊 🕯 ❤
“Ignorance is dangerous. As time goes on and memories fade, it is our moral duty, more than ever, to remember. We cannot change history but we can make sure that future generations do not witness this intolerable horror again.”
– President Jean-Claude Juncker
(Wise words, interchangeable and applicable with all injustice, to preserve the integrity of access to justice, daily. )
💭 As the generation closest to those passed, yet no longer close enough to remember first hand, it really is our duty now more than ever to bring life to the memories and keep telling the stories, so that their memory is etched into history, forever more.
🌺🎖Lest We Forget🎖🌺

❤️With special thanks to Obi, and owner Michele Cooper by being the perfect horse to wear this Remembrance clip. This specific clip was done in the centenary anniversary year, but equally is applicable to each and every year that passes with Remembrance.
This is a project brought to you by The Horse Barber – Clipping & Horse Care feel free to share and I hope you enjoy the video🎖

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The Horse Barber - Melody Hames