✨ 🐴 🪶 The Arab offers a special kind of love, a kindness, all of their own.  I’m **So** Glad that I met the wonderful Ray in Wisconsin 🇺🇸 a few years ago (go to the last three piccies in this post to see Ray ) , he taught me so much about the Arab and broadened my horizon beyond any pre misconception I may have held. A Spectacular breed often misunderstood by those that may not have had the opportunity to work closely with such a gift of a breed of horse. I really hope it’s in the making that I get to see him again one day  🙏 

Annnnnd my point is *drum roll please* 🥁… Today I met 💫 Zeena 💫  the Arabian princess! A selfie was inevitable, please ignore my closed eyes, but the photo had to go on, just LOOK at her 😍 ( I really think she could be Rays UK girlfriend 🇬🇧 🇺🇸@shelby & @Liz Grimes 😅 he would LOVE her )🥰 

Not forgetting the Irish Dream by the name of ‘Lilly’  ☘️ 🇮🇪 I’m glad we have so many sturdy, honest and majestic Irish horses over here, it does make my working day so much fun albeit it does make me long for ferries back to Dublin shores and dreams of getting to the west coast for the very first time. This past few weeks have been very drafty & connyfied I must say 🐴💈 

Thank you to Elaine for the opportunity to meet these lovely girlies  🤗 

Ray & Nick , MWHF 2018

The Horse Barber - Melody Hames