So here is just one of the many moments I will be documenting on my page and website, recalled from memory, of my experience out in America. Plus a little about the ‘Morab’ breed, which I had the pleasure of working with during our Andis demonstrations for anybody who would like to hear/read about it.

This is ‘Nick’ (see image) What an honour it was to work with Nick, gaining hands on experience, and learning so much about this Arab X Morgan mix!
Nick is an absolutely stunning 16-year-old gelding, with a great tolerance to what was asked of him during demonstrations. For which I was very grateful. At my first glance, he could have be mistaken for a fired up wild stallion, his nostrils flared, foaming mouth and solid muscle, dancing down the isle back towards his box after performing in front of his audience. I remember the first thing that struck me was his colour (my first horse was the exact same, dense dotty formation) My next consideration was he demeanour. I was stood there thinking ‘WOW’ (for many reasons) Is this really my demo horse?! Alrighty.. bring it on! I’m thinking! He has fur on his hind, you know, I came out here to do this so how is a wild stallion going to stop me?! GULP. But I needn’t have ever had a doubt in the slightest. This initial meeting, as I always do when meeting horses (whether they are new or known to me) I am assessing him. In a split second his owner (Amanda) was able to direct his attention and behaviour from performance mode to neutral, on command with the slightest body language and signal. All the time, his eyes were focused and ready for his next command. Nicks manners were above all, the biggest thing that stood out to me. As he stopped and stood in front of me for the first time and his western saddle was removed, the next thing I noticed was how broad his back is… and how solidly built he is. With the elegance of the Arab mixed in, to form this beautiful big horse, he is full of presence.

I look forward to seeing Nick again one day. For anyone who isn’t familiar with the breed here is a short description of its origin.

‘The Morab is a breed of horse originally developed through the cross-breeding of Arabian and Morgan horses. The breeding of Morab horses began in the late 1880s with the intent of creating a fine carriage horse that was still substantial enough for moderate farm labor. The modern Morab continues this tradition of paired power and elegance, being both attractive and competitive show animals, and strong but mild-mannered work and family horses.’

A big thank you to Amanda Ali and family for allowing myself and the team the opportunity to work with Nick. Plus our team at Andis Grooming for providing us with this opportunity to work together to bring our movement to life. See you guys soon!

The Horse Barber - Melody Hames