Every person has the chance (and choice) to teach a horse kindness… or in some cases unkindness. Every interaction is an opportunity. When it comes to clipping, it is up to us to give the horse a reason to trust us… and not a reason to distrust us.

This is how The Horse Barber brand was established and it’s at the root of my approach when working with horses. There is not a single horse I have met so far, that does not respond accordingly to the way that he/she is being treated… This approach paves the way for a happy healthy relationship, that results in happy clipping sessions which both horse and handler can enjoy! Clipping should never be forceful, under any circumstance.

‘Resistance creates resistance’ always springs to mind when people tell me that their horses have been treated unkindly by other ‘professionals’ in the past. Give the horse a reason to trust you. And if the person you booked to visit your horse is unkind to him/her, PLEASE don’t be afraid to stop them immediately. ✋🏽 🛑

There is NO reason in this world that your horse should ever be subjected to force or unkindness. ⛔️ Not then, not now and not ever ⛔️
Your horse will know that you are protecting him! They are much more aware than many of us realise 🤗

Love From Melody, The Horse Barber 🐴💈😘 ✌️

📸 by @luke_saxon