CHAPS Feedback alert! It’s always great to hear feedback on my clips especially when calculated clipping is done tactically for competition purposes. On this occasion I clipped for CHAPS 10 days prior to this photo as the horse in the photo had thrown up a coat and needed clipping to show standard. This worked a treat and it was impossible to tell he had been clipped down as no visible traces of lines or cut fur only a sleek cool coat, which was easier to maintain and show prep. It also kept him cool and looking dapper during the heat of last week!

The owner of this horse said the following

“Just got home from my time at CHAPS and i am so glad i had him clipped it was so hot to the point where I had burnt grooms! I have to say thank you as he looked bob on and you couldn’t even tell he had been clipped- he was so much easier to keep clean!”

Looking forward to more updates of the other CHAPS horses as well as the up and coming North West champs and HOYS clipping! Love your Horse Barber X

The Horse Barber - Melody Hames