Hi guys I wanted to share with you some beautiful Flat Carts at this year’s Appleby Fair.

Appleby is a way of life and one that’s part of mine 😍⭐️

Despite the negative press, Appleby has a lot to offer and the old ways have helped shape who I am today including The Horse Barber brand. 🐴
I couldn’t do what I do without having learned what I did along the way within the traveller community, the horses and the way of life. It’s unique , like no other.

I wanted to share with you some videos as I know we have a world wide 🌍 following on this page and for some people this is the best way for them to see them up close 🥳
Hope you like them 😍✌️ 😘

~ Melo

Painted by Joe Davidson wagon Builder & painter

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The Horse Barber - Melody Hames