So often (but not always) a creative touch is added in the form of a small creative shape. Sometimes it is just because a person wants something different, but often, creative clips have a deeper message and meaning behind them, which as you see more blogs, you will begin to realise! And this was the case recently for the beautiful Honey and her mum Danielle!

This particular symbol represents the condition epilepsy – something which Honeys mum has very recentley been diagnosed with- we hope that the clipped symbol will create an awareness for Danielle aswel as other riders who are facing testing times while learning how to manage their condition. Simple day to day tasks can be daunting but knowing there is support from friends and family and within the equine community can make all the difference for somebody who is facing tough times. Support and awareness helps so that people such as Danielle won’t have to leave behind the one thing that brings them comfort and relaxation in times of need. This is also a personal one in remembering Anna Leonard who passed away in 2002, you’ll never be forgotten girl no matter how much time passes by Xx

The Horse Barber - Melody Hames