1 Mountain & Moorland trim up by TheHorseBarber (The Welsh Mountain Pony)

This particular trim up on Billy the Welsh Section A consists of : jawline & ear trim plus whiskers (optional) A mane pull to compliment his neck, also revealing his sloping shoulder, plus a couple of inches off his tail with a slight pull at the top to define his hind shape. It is advisable that tails are kept off the ground as not to pull on the spine, should a horse step back onto it. Feather is left on to keep in line with breed spec. Billy was an absolute angel for his trim up pamper this morning, as i work quietly and with consideration, to keep the horse in front of me as calm and comfortable as possible. Rough handling is a big no no and a horse in my care is never subjected to such treatment.

The Horse Barber - Melody Hames