As well as clipping, The Horse Barber is experienced in and offers, traditional and humane mane pulling methods to suit your horse. Mane and tails can completely transform the overall look of a horse as seen in the photos here. Straggly unkept manes can make your horse appear lean in the neck and undermine muscle and top line. But often, under the long mane can lie a beautiful neck just waiting to be shown off! Different breeds require a different approach to keep in line with breed standards. Here we have an irish hunter with a fabulous neck under 12 months worth of growth, a coloured horse who is shown under native classes and so requires a tidied mane, showing off a well shaped crest and deep neck, as well as his strong shoulder. We also have the Welsh Section A as featured a few days ago in the video- here are some still shots for you to look at longer. Please note that mane pulling should never be rushed so please allow a couple of hours for your appointments. If you would like the mane pull to accompany your clip this winter let me know in advance and I will allow the necessary time for each client

The Horse Barber - Melody Hames