Absolutely overwhelmed with the gesture from andisclippers to the education team as we wrapped up after the 2017 Summit Meeting.

All devisions of the education team from around the world met together at the birthplace of the equipment that we use so passionately… all in the same place at the same time, for the first time ever!

Each educator was gifted with a personalised clipper and here is mine. It’s an absolute honour to have been given this – one of only 16 in the world- made especially for each member of the education team. A testiment that hard work pays off and will always be recognised no matter how long it takes… have faith that the energy you put both in… and out.. will find it’s way back to you.

It’s been an absolute honour. This will be going on my wall for sure… A very special thank you to Megan Mouser for your vision and bringing me into your team when you did its been an incredible opportunity for learning more about clippers and blades, how they are made and has enhanced my knowledge no ends!

The Horse Barber - Melody Hames