My Sticker Bliss

Ok guys please forgive me, its February already and this is only my second blog post of the year! Well, so much has been happening recently, I have been putting a lot of things together behind the scenes for the new branch of The Horse Barber Brand, which is being launched very very soon.’… and as you may have seen on my recently featured blissful Hologram stickers,  it is ‘Team Horse Barber’!

Many people have been asking me how I made these stickers, how did I make them so shiny and get the colours to shimmer the way they do?! Well, truth be told I didn’t make them myself, I found them through a Google search.  The company is Sticker Mule  (FYI I chose the Hologram sticker, so if you are looking for the colours to shimmer like ours, it needs to be hologram option, but they have others you can choose from too).

I am based in the UK and I wasn’t entirely sure where they were coming from, but the postal stamp told me that they had come from Sticker Mules Italy location!  (I believe they have several locations worldwide). I ordered mine in early January, right when the borders of were France closed to travel in and out of the UK. I remember watching the news and seeing all the lorries and thinking, is my parcel in there I wonder! So there was a slight delay in getting my parcel which really isn’t a problem in the grand scheme of things. However a couple of weeks later when the stickers finally arrived I was pleasantly surprised that they were everything I had hoped for and more!  I think the delays are cleared up now and I’ll be placing my next order from them soon (watch this space) if you want to order some of your own , this is where you need to go, and please tag me in them, if you get some I would love to see them!

I still have a few left (as of February 202 ) and as a thank you to my friends and followers I have been posting these stickers out, so please do pop me a message and I’m happy to post you one of our Team Horse Barber versions of the sticker as a thank you for your continued support as the Horse Barber brand progresses into our new exciting Equestrian clothing venture!

So far I have posted stickers out to our friends and supporters in the UK, Spain, Ireland, America and Brazil , ironically my friends portal_dos_tosadores in Brazil shave actual real life Mules – the latter post should be arriving any day now <3 and I cant wait to see our stickers in action in Brazil!

Whats next? Well, our Horse Barber Horse Wear launch is imminent and our shop will be over VERY SOON – oh and a special Connemara Pony by the name of Dove will be showering your news feed soon if you follow us on our instagram page The Horse Barber  or our newly launched Team Horse Barber Page…. Watch this space 😉


The Horse Barber - Melody Hames