I took a few weeks to post this, mainly because I wanted to do it some justice, its so close to my heart! In a sometimes suffocating way I’d rather do nothing, than do something half hearted. My own worst enemy at times but alas. Every piece of art I choose to do comes from a place of inspiration, usually connected to my life somehow and somewhere along my journey.

When I clipped Sid a few weeks ago I really wanted him to carry something that related to his ancestors, something that represents his journey. When I look at him, and any other (traditional) or ‘Gypsy’ cob – I connect with their eye and I let them know in that moment , that I know them, I know their journey, I have lived and breathed it, the hills they are bred to pull wagons up, the grass verges their ancestors grazed, and siblings that still do. I swear they look back and they recognise the connection too. Honestly sometimes I talk to them and I tell them. Its not as crazy as it sounds, you’ll have to take my word for it 😅😅 I just know they understand in that quiet exchange. Even if they are just weighing me up for a treat or two haha. 🥕

And another thing, to be honest i was never a fan of using the word gypsy cob, to me (as a rider) they were a traditional, that’s how I grew up to know them in the 90s anyway, they were traditional’s to us kids back then, (it takes a lot to reshape I habit haha) and, not many people had them either . But in a huge shift of events they have fast become one of the most popular horses of the current day for many horse riders. I’m so happy to see them getting their dues. The horse of choice, because of their durability, gentle yet powerful and, like with any horse, can be unruly in the wrong hands – the traditional cob is less likely to take advantage of kinks and voids in your experience with horses as perhaps some other breeds. Their draft & cold blooded lines more than likely give us a head start , something we wouldn’t see so much in the hot bloods, the Standardbreds and the Arab – and before I hear those in the back row piping up to correct me YES there are exceptions to the rules, as every horseman or woman knows. One of the most placid horses I have worked with to date was the Arabian, ‘Ray’ (that post is coming next by the way) but this type was formed for a purpose and that purpose was down to the travelling people, the Roma, The Romany and undoubtedly those they trusted too.

No matter what , this cob is a testament to the travellers that raised them, that crossed selections of horses over decades, (in fact probably centuries , I still have more to learn along the way) introducing and crossing a bit of considered blood here and there over the years to make up the modern day go-to happy hack for many riders, plus venturing into many disciplines, more than ever. I hope more people will take a moment to honour the good will and horsemanship that went into this , after all it was no accident this 🏆 super 🏆 cob was created.. look deeper and you’ll see there’s a wealth of knowledge and understanding of horses of the travelling horsemen past and present that adored this pony just as much as equestrians of today do now. A special bond is formed when you live breathe, eat and sleep with these horses ‘up the road’. I’m not traveller blood, no, I go back to a mix including Jewish blood that (were) in Poland. But that’s another story all together for another day too. All in all I wouldn’t be who I am today, doing what I do, without the knowledge these cobs gave me. And now it’s late so I’m going to sleep! 😴 good night all 😘

🐴 Sydney AKA Sid

Online source : “The flag consists of a background of blue and green, representing the heavens and earth, respectively; it also contains a 16-spoke red dharmachakra, or cartwheel, in the center. The latter element stands for the itinerant tradition of the Romani people and is also an homage to the flag of India.”

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The Horse Barber - Melody Hames