💭 Do you ever get the feeling that the past feels familiar, even though it was prior to our own life time? See I believe we are all connected in one , never ending time line ⏳ 💭 I always feel that familiar feeling around Remembrance and today I really felt that feeling, a ‘time of year’ association , sometimes it’s the drop in temperature, the cold breeze or sometimes it’s the fallen leaves – but it’s always the same feeling, every year as it comes around 🕰 it will soon be here ❤️🖤 – 11/11 anyone who knows me knows how much It means to me ❤️🖤
The past really isn’t ever so far away, not really and it’s important to remember what has gone before us, well to me it is anyway. 💭 #remembrance #nostalgia #warhorse #timedoesnotexist #wewillrememberthem
The Horse Barber - Melody Hames