Doves Cupid Clip

💘🔥✨ She doesn’t doubt herself, and neither should you✨🔥💘
🔎 When was the last time that you told yourself that You Love YOU? 🔍


If you never did, or feel weird doing it, just try it, trust me, it gets easier each time…. after a week or two its totally normal and easy…. I SWEAR! Just try it 😉 If you literally can’t bring yourself to say it, (I couldnt when I first started) there is another approach you can try, it worked for me! So, basically, you state another ‘fact’ that you know to be true, for example, I am good at…. (Insert your talent) or another fact, ‘every day I brush my teeth’ …. Next fact ….. I love ME! 😍 let me know how you find it?!!



The Horse Barber - Melody Hames