Hello guys! So a little update (its been a while!) I am really looking forward to the coming autumn winter clipping season. Work keeps me happy and seeing horses and my regular clients who are often very good friends. This year I aim to be as productive and offer the very best service as possible, with the time I have , but I wont be able to fit in all enquiries and I hate turning horses away.. So it’s definitely worth noting if you want me to clip your horse. Please note TheHorseBarber is a fully insured service.. yes I’m not the cheapest…I’m also not the most expensive… but I’m one of the *very few* insured services in Bury and the North West of Lancashire..I’m planning on putting local yards at the forefront but will always go out to my regulars in places like motteram, Oldham (I love the drive and it’s not far out) and those in Dunham Massey too who have stuck by me for years… Loyalty gets you Priority. Local to me is as far up as Burnley and as far down as stockport etc
I understand people swap clippers but please dont expect me to drop everything for you if you have dropped me in the past for the cheaper option. Its not nice when you get told youre cancelled last minute because your grandmas aunties son is sick but then your horse is being clipped in my news feed the next day by the cheaper uninsured crap alternative (who is often the reasonI have to come back and fix the damage both physically and mentally). I am super reasonable with cancellations and have never applied a cancellation fee. I have often had to rearrange my own diary when the auto immune conditions have kicked in (anyone who has one will understand) and I am SO grateful for every client that has understood over the years, as I understand fully the exact same back. Just putting my heart on my sleeve for once. Better out than in they say! 🙂EDIT ALSO please never assume I am too busy for you or too far way…., please ask ask ask before assuming and using someone else. Love from Your Horse Barber.

The Horse Barber - Melody Hames